Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Young Palestinian Artists (Part I) Al Hoash

Mirna Bamieh
Peeking Bag, Peeking Back, Installation (2010)

Peeking Bag, Peeking Back is a large suspended box with peepholes for viewers to look through. Inside the box, glass jars containing different objects are set in front of an internal mirror. Each peephole gives a slightly different view of the objects and their reflection. As the viewer moves around the box the peepholes become listening holes as the artist tells the stories and memories associated with the objects in this delicate archive.

Yazan Khalili
Area C, The Distant Landscape (Images from a Landscape in Exile) Photography (2010)

Under the Oslo Accords the land was divided into three distinct, and supposedly temporary, administrative areas pending a final peace agreement. Area A was placed under full control of the Palestinian Authority, Area B under Palestinian civil control but Israeli security control and Area C under full Israeli control. Area C constitutes, by far, the majority of the land area. This series of photographs depicts Area C as an exiled landscape in which the traveler, now passing through on a ribbon of designated asphalt, perceives only an image of the landscape that becomes ever more distant, rather than a physical space in which he is present. The process of repeatedly travelling through and photographing the landscape becomes the only way to reclaim a presence.

Nisreen Najjar
Route 443, Installation (2010)

This installation of disembodied sections of road with amusement park loops that lead nowhere, is a physically imposing representation of Route 443, the controversial main road linking Jerusalem and the West Bank settlements with Tel Aviv. Large areas of Palestinian land were confiscated for the road’s construction which was completely closed to Palestinians, including emergency vehicles, after the second uprising. This left Palestinians with roads already designated as unfit for use. The installation detaches the road from this absurd reality and transposes it to a situation in which it can embody the surreal world in which it lives.

Inass Yassin
Assira al Shamalieh / Ramallah
Projection (Edition 2), Installation (2010)
Projection is an ongoing art and research project exploring urban and socio-political change in contemporary Palestinian Society. The project looks at the culture and history of cinema in Palestine and the impact when cinemas were closed or demolished. Edition 2 looks specifically at the Al Walid Cinema in Ramallah / Al Bireh which finally closed in 2000 after being invaded and partially destroyed by the Israeli military.

Dima Hourani
N'oreal, Installation (2010)

N'oreal is a three part installation consisting of a large commercial light box and an assortment of postcards and T-shirts printed with other related images and text. The project uses the beauty industry and its promotional design to reference negative impacts of globalization. However, it is intermeshed with the political imagery of the Palestinian context creating a subversive collision of cosmetics, consumption and military occupation.

Palestinian Art Court - Al Hoash is on Zahra Street

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